How to Pick a Trustee, Executor, and Agent Under a Power of Attorney

Understanding the Fiduciary Role in Estate Planning

The term "fiduciary" denotes someone legally bound to act in another person's best interests. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the roles of trustees, executors, and agents in estate planning, and how to choose the right individuals or institutions to safeguard your assets and beneficiaries' interests.

Selecting the Right Trustee

A revocable living trust is a cornerstone of a robust estate plan, offering an optimal strategy for achieving most individuals' financial and legacy goals. As the initial trustee, you will manage the trust assets, with a successor trustee taking over in the event of your death or incapacity. It's vital to choose a reliable person or financial institution as your trustee, ensuring clear language in the trust document for seamless asset distribution.

Powers of Attorney: Your Safety Net

A power of attorney is a crucial document in your estate plan, appointing individuals to make decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. Understanding the different types of powers of attorney and their specific provisions can safeguard your future:

  • Financial Powers of Attorney: Entrust individuals with the authority to manage financial actions, such as purchasing life insurance or managing your accounts. Trust companies can also serve as agents, offering expertise at a fee.
  • Health Care Powers of Attorney: Designate individuals to make informed decisions about your medical care, ensuring your preferences are respected during critical times.

Choosing the Right Executor

Your executor is responsible for navigating your assets through probate, if necessary, and implementing your last will and testament. Selecting a competent executor, whether a paid professional or a trusted individual familiar with your assets, is crucial for a smooth transition. Consider the workload and potential court-ordered deadlines when making your choice.

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