First Step


Introduction: This is our first point of contact where we get acquainted and start to understand your unique needs and circumstances.

Client Goals: We want to know your expectations and what you hope to achieve with our legal services. This will inform our strategy and approach.

How We Can Help?: After understanding your goals, we offer insights on how our legal expertise and services can address your needs.


Second Step

Design Meeting

Review Intake Form: We review the intake form you filled out. This gives us more details about your case and helps us plan our strategy.

Education Design:
We believe in keeping our clients informed. Hence, we provide an educational session tailored to your needs, giving you a better understanding of the legal landscape related to your case.

Flat Fee or Hourly Quote: Based on the scope of the legal work required, we provide you with a flat fee or an hourly quote, ensuring transparent pricing from the start.


third step

Drafting & Review

Customized Drafting: We create personalized legal documents and agreements that are suited to your specific circumstances and goals.

Client Review: You are given the opportunity to review these drafts. This ensures that all the documents align with your expectations and requirements.

Client Revisions: Based on your feedback, we make necessary revisions to ensure all documents are accurate and satisfy your needs.


fourth Step


Bring ID: On the day of signing, we verify your identity using your ID. This is to ensure the legality and integrity of the process.

Witness and Notarize: We provide a witness to observe the signing of the documents and a notary to validate them, making them legally enforceable.


Fifth step


Real Estate: We assist you in managing the legal aspects of any real estate properties involved in your case, ensuring your interests are protected.

Business Interests: If business interests are involved, we provide legal counsel to protect your interests and facilitate smooth operations.

Financial Accounts: We offer legal guidance on handling financial accounts in a way that aligns with your goals and legal requirements. This ensures that your financial health remains strong as we proceed with your case.